To be born again is to look with innocent eyes

Today, for the first time, I saw the writing of a post as diving into a sea of words.

Often as I formulate a sentence I can hear somewhere close by a counsel for the other side listening and preparing a counter-argument.  Our human mindset is a duality – everything is polarized, there are always two sides to every issue. And because Truth itself is not part of this duality but is a Singularity, I want my words to reflect this.

So I dive in, have already dove in! I came out covered in words! This is what I came up with:


To be born again is not to belong to a sect or a religious/political group. It is something radical, it is to climb out of the crab barrel, to leave behind the human mindset, be free of all human conditioning. To be born again is to see with innocent eyes. Everything the past has taught me, the accumulation of memories and opinions, is swept away in the awareness of only-the-present-moment.

Look for the spaces between thoughts was the advice of Krishnamurti. Thoughts, thinking, form a vine-like thickly knotted carpet, which covers the pristine silence of our minds and obscures it from our conscious awareness. Unless we do something about it, such as have even a weak desire for more than “same old same old” – everything will run along the same tracks, suffering, disease, death, good/bad, ups/downs – you know the story.

Be still a moment. Stop. Begin to wonder. Seek out the Singularity.

I am born again by looking with innocent eyes!

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