What is meditation?

What is meditation?

I’ll start off by asking another question: “What is memory?” I’ll answer that by saying: my memory banks, which contain “The thousand yesterdays”, as Krishnamurti put it, are what do the judging for me, the judging of every new situation, every thought or feeling that “pops into my head”, everything that arises in my mind.

Without memory, how could I judge a person, or place, or experience, anything that happened, anything at all? Without the live commentary memory provides, I would be simply and innocently gazing on the person, or place, or experience, or anything that happened, wouldn’t I? Like a baby, like a small child, I’d be just watching. (It’s how I like to watch David Attenborough’s nature documentaries – with the sound off! No commentary, no assumed knowledge. Then I can just watch those amazing creatures!)

Such is meditation, for me.

Let me explain. Turn off the commentary the memory banks continuously provide – or turn it down – ignore it, then what parades before one’s eyes is reality, unadorned! What Is. Or as a friend of mine says, “All you have to do is neglect to reinforce your beliefs. That is how you let the whole be yours.”

So it’s a ‘less is more’ thing. It’s a not-doing. You don’t do meditation, you allow it, by absenting something. Without engaging the past, and by ‘forgetting’ to judge, everything just IS, and you become sort of an observer, without an agenda. Innocence of vision, restored.

That is an open-ended, open-minded way to to enter into meditation, by not having a desire for a result.

The meditative moment

A sit-down, twenty-or-thirty-minute-meditation is good, but there is another way: the meditative moment. Ahh! To be able to allow these moments into awareness, one needs to be ready always for when they miraculously appear! Rather than me tediously explaining what the meditative moment is, and how to do it, why not be on the lookout for one yourself, and, hopefully, catch one ‘on the wing’? They do happen all the time and they are sudden descents of Grace, blessing one ‘epiphanyously’!


PS I seriously play with the whole thing of the Meditative Moment in this blog, so look around, please!