Thoughts, problems and complete peace

This is from Alan Watts :

“…..we worry so much, yet all a man has to think about all day long are thoughts; isn’t that funny? All your issues, every single one of them, exist only in your head and nowhere else. Tell me, when you arent thinking, where are these problems to which you so feverishly attend? You won’t  find them anywhere. You know, it’s funny no one will admit it, but we absolutely cannot wait to go to bed at night for the same reason one takes their own life. It is because sleep is a tiny suicide. A length of time where thought, and by extension, our problems, are nonexistent. What a wonder. Suppose you could stop thinking intentionally without going to bed or killing yourself? I’ll tell you a little secret told to me by a dirt poor man sitting in a cave who had nothing more to gain than what he already had.

Listen closely; Look within.

Ask the question; ‘Without thinking about it first, who am I?’ Truth is you have absolutely no idea who or what you are. But simply seek the one within you who is present here and now, and who is aware of mind, body, and world and you will begin to recognize your own being. Only then do you have any hope of real happiness. Of truly experiencing that complete and untouchable peace that this existential closure Im describing to you brings. This parasitic, entirely thought-made and illusory person your mind has built up around you will begin to fade away and the very presence of God will take its place.”

The picture is of Richard Lang. If you seek him out on YouTube, you have the opportunity of entering into an experiment – not thinking – in order to answer this question for yourself : “What am I really?”

Thank you, Alan, thank you Richard. 

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