Half of what I say is meaningless

Originally posted in Quora Spaces : Your Awakened Nature 10 September 2020

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“Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that the other half may reach you”. This quote from Kahlil Gibran reached me this morning, and I repeat it, from me to you.

When I was a boy, aged about 9, about 70 years ago, I loved to wander in the Aussie bush, which adjoined our suburban property, amid the vast sprawl of the city of Sydney. Growing up in the nineteen-forties, I was!

Wildlife thrived there, kookaburras, magpies, currawong, sparrows and other small birds, possums, echidna, blue-tongued lizards, skinks, black snakes, ants of all sizes including the bull-ants (painful bite!), and a variety of insect life: from stick-insects to dragonfly, gnats, mozzies, March-flies, and my favourite, cicadas. In the creeks were a multitude of swimming creatures, insects that walked on the skin of the water, wrigglers, tiny bugs and tadpoles. Taddies and the small boomerang (boomerang marking on their backs) frogs they became I loved and brought them home in jamjars, and created living environments for them, as I did with cicadas, and silkworms.

This boy could roam the bush and the creeks and their pools all day, alone or with his younger brother or with mates. It was home. He understood It, knew it, felt it. He’d reluctantly head home for dinner as dusk told him it was time to go. ‘This boy’ Is alive and well in me now, as I approach 80. Nature talks my language, and I’ve found that giving my whole attention to it is my alternative to thinking.

Our five kids (2 girls and 3 boys) had a chance at a childhood just like that. Eight years on an island on the fringe of the city of Sydney, going shopping in a ‘tinny’ and 25 HP outboard and to school on the ferry, hot summers, easy winters, ‘borrowing’ somebody’s boat if it suited them, swimming or just ‘mucking around’. … Life, as it happens. They are still all great mates.

We appear to be living in a world where concepts have occluded nature, forced there way in, as a middleman, a broker, and thinking has become the number one addiction. Our emotions are quickly aroused, as if we were a pianola, gettin’ played by someone’s punched paper script, or by sorry circumstance. The direct experience of Self (God, or Soul) is just as the direct experience of nature; and above all this requires stillness.

All advice given on Quora is advice given by the writer to his or her self. The wisest of writers knows this. Why do I talk to myself here? It’s fun, of course.

Thus it is not arrogance to speak loftily, nor vulgar to speak cheekily, rudely. But here’s the thing: none of it is really necessary! Because the truth, the solution, the release is so f*****g obvious! Let me spell it out:

THE TRUTH, THE SOLUTION, THE RELEASE – IS IN YOU! Every seeker discovers this in the end, or somewhere along the way, even at the beginning. Yes, you are the problem, and you are the solution. Get to work!

Dear Quora friends, I have attempted answers on depression, comfort zone, ‘spiritual’ and all manner of topics, the questioner almost always totally blind to their actual, real self, blind to the powerful healing residing in contemplating one’s existence – Being, stark and present, blindingly obvious, yet totally overlooked, while I scrambled for words, words to clearly express the truth. ‘Effing the ineffable’, I call it. ‘‘He who knows does not speak; he who speaks does not know’. Gotcha.

I finish as I began: Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that the other half may reach you. 🙂

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