What is the ‘Higher Self’?

Share, from Quora:

Answer to Where does a persons’ ‘higher self’ exist or reside in the mind: the unconscious, the subconscious, or somewhere else? And is the higher self related to the parts of ourselves that have been repressed and sent into our unconsciou… by Ellen Drager https://www.quora.com/Where-does-a-persons-higher-self-exist-or-reside-in-the-mind-the-unconscious-the-subconscious-or-somewhere-else-And-is-the-higher-self-related-to-the-parts-of-ourselves-that-have-been-repressed-and-sent-into-our/answer/Ellen-Drager?ch=99&share=94704b9b&srid=t6xtn

Here is Jean Pool’s answer to the same question:


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