How do you analyse your unconscious self?

How do you analyse your unconscious self?

Maybe this is a riddle? 🙂

Firstly, how could you analyse something you are not aware of?

By definition, you are unconscious of (not consciously aware of) your unconscious self. Does it even exist? Is it a made-up thing? Like the square root of minus one?

I had a dream once: I was exploring an abandoned bus (back then I had a lot of bus dreams) and I became aware of an invisible presence that was in the bus with me, it was my unconscious! Aha! I thought, so my unconscious is always here, watching! I may not see it, but it sees everything!

Another time I had a ‘waking dream’: I was walking down by the docks, staring at the water, and I momentarily saw something large and dark move, below the surface; Ah! I thought, that’s my unconscious mind!

At other times, I have done or said something that was ‘not me’, an unplanned gesture or word; it was like someone had bumped my elbow from behind. These eruptions felt like they had come from my unconscious.

Carl Jung said yes, it exists, and analysed it. And he did it by dreams and visions too. So, by hints, puzzles, riddles, images, dreams, contradictions, anomalies – and humour! – something that is not there manifests itself.

Yesterday, upon the stair

I met a man who wasn’t there.

He wasn’t there again today

Oh how I wish he’d go away!



[Antigonish, poem by William Hughes Mearns, 1899. Photo credit Wikipedia]

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